Program Overview

ACTvF is a career and technical education high school which means that students simultaneously participate in a college preparatory academic program while learning skills that are applicable to the workforce. Every student at ACTvF participates in both components of the program. The program design rests of the belief that career preparation and traditional academic studies can complement and support each other.

Course Schedule

Classes at ACTvF generally meet for one hour and fifteen minutes. Depending on the credits, classes will meet 3, 4 or 5 times per week. Student and teacher program at ACTvF are designed to provide both highly personalized instruction and flexibility to meet the individual aspirations and needs of every student.

Investment in Technology

Teachers and students at ACTvF have more than 300 computers along with an assortment of other cutting edge technology to support their work both in and out of classrooms. Through the innovative use of technology to meet both instructional and adminsitrative challenges, ACTvF makes it possible to achieve the highly ambitious goals around which the school was founded.